Spiritus Mundi plc

About Us

Spiritus Mundi plc is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) incorporated in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to identify and partner with business that complements the experience and skills of our management team to build out investments in close alignment of our acquisition target in healthcare industry.

The Company is a newly formed entity established to seek acquisition opportunities in the Healthcare services sector focusing primarily on pathology and laboratory testing, clinical diagnostics, and digital health.

Together, the Directors have many years of business experience of operating in the healthcare and financial services industry, particularly in the areas of clinical diagnostic laboratory services, acquisitions, capital markets and trading and they have established a network of contacts internationally within the sector. The Company will utilise independent third parties to provide expert advice where necessary.

Market Opportunity

Covid pandemic has transformed the healthcare sector through the introduction of new technologies and healthcare processes resulting in market segmentation in the healthcare sector into Clinical Diagnostics, Digital Health and Healthcare Facilities segment. Spiritus Mundi will be operating in all three segments: Healthcare Facilities (diagnostics lab), Clinical Diagnostics (PCR and blood testing) and Digital Health (Healthcare IT Platform).

The global market size of Covid-19 diagnostics industry is estimated at US$84b (2020), with an expected growth rate of 3.1% per year (2021-27), reaching a revenue of US$105b in 2027. Molecular testing’s demand - industry’s fastest growing segment - has risen 20-fold between March and October 2020. Diagnostics demand is expected to grow, with covid testing integration in diagnostic protocols remaining strong and a focus on at-home and business testing. The reagents and test kits segment are expected to experience the fastest growth of 3.8% per year (2021-27). Asia Pacific market is projected to growth at 4.5% per year and become one of the most profitable regional markets. Since 2020, valuations of diagnostics product businesses have risen significantly.